Big Country Regional Advisory Council

Big Country Regional Advisory Council

Trauma Service Areas

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The mission of the Big Country Regional Advisory Council is to facilitate the development, implementation, and operation of a comprehensive emergency services plan encompassing all health-care-related issues including, but not limited to, trauma, natural and man-made disasters, as well as medical and population-specific needs based on accepted standards of care to decrease morbidity and mortality as defined by Texas Department of State Health Services.

The organization will solicit participation from all healthcare facilities, organizations, professional societies, community representatives, and entitles related to health care within the designated trauma service area. It will encourage multi-community participation in providing health care, work to promote the improvement of facilities and services and cooperate with all entities, agencies, and organizations in the establishment of an efficient and effective system of health care for all who may require such services.

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Together with private sector and nonprofit organizations, the STOP THE BLEED® campaign is putting knowledge gained by first responders and our military into your hands to help save lives. Select your region below to learn more and find the resources nearest you.